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How do you make s’mores? With Graham crackers, marshmallows, and a heap of groovy hippy friends sat round a campfire in some wild corner of America, of course.

Or, when in a London kitchen and it’s winter, and these things feel desperately out of your reach, fear not. Just use some chocolate Digestives and a blowtorch.

First, gather your ingredients and implements - blowtorch, roasting tray (or other heat-friendly surface), biscuits, marshmallows, and whatever extras you might want to spread. I am a peanut butter glutton so I went there.

Next, melt the chocolate on the Digestives. Dark chocolate is definitely the way to go here. If you don’t have a blowtorch, use a hot grill. Either way, don’t burn them too much at this point.

Spread the peanut butter.

Add two marshmallows and flame them till they’re nice and scorched and gooey. Try and be as slow and gentle with it as possible, to ensure some of the inside mallow melts as well.

A little bit “caramelised”. That’s what we want.

Finally, sandwich your s’more together. It’s a good idea to have some napkins or kitchen roll ready, as this WILL get messy. In a good way.

Snarf it straight away with glee. Try singing Kum-ba-ya to yourself at the same time.

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